Joint & muscle pains

  • The perfect working posture

    The perfect working desk posture is something that every worker in the world is trying to obtain. But what is it, exactly?


  • Zion & Kath Locke Centres

    Community centres with activities, courses and classes including anxiety, depression and also self-harm weekly drop-in groups, hypnotherapy, massage, yoga, energy healing, Qigong and Reiki.

    Zion Centre

    Kath Locke Centre

  • Arthritis Research UK

    Arthritis Research UK invests in breakthrough treatments, the best information and vital support for everyone affected by arthritis.

    Arthritis UK

  • Exercise Sheets – Dr Hasan Tahir

    View exercise sheets including ankle, back, elbow, feet, hip and knee exercises.

    Exercise Sheets – Dr Hasan Tahir

  • GMMH Living with fatigue and pain service

    Do you have a long term physical health condition where persistent fatigue and/or pain are the main problems? After an initial assessment this NHS service can offer up to 5 individual clinic sessions and a mindfulness course specifically orientated towards living with pain and illness. You can ask your GP or other health worker more about this, or just self-refer by calling directly.

    0161 271 0801

  • Exercises for sciatica problems

    Please see this video for a demonstration of exercises for sciatica problems (Piriformis Syndrome) if directed here by your doctor.

    NHS: Exercises for sciatica problems

  • Pain Toolkit

    A persistent pain problem can be difficult to understand and manage on an everyday basis. This Pain Toolkit website has been developed from the Pain Toolkit, a simple information booklet that provides you with handy tips and skills to support you along the way to managing your pain.

    Pain Toolkit

  • University of Salford Podiatry clinic

    Your GP or practice nurse can refer you to the NHS podiatry service but there is a currently a long waiting list of several months. The School of Podiatry at the University of Salford offer a faster service. The assessment and management clinic can be attended by anyone (adults and children) in need of essential foot care – you may have painful pressure lesions or just be unable to care for your feet. At the clinic you will be given a full assessment and treated accordingly for £10-15.

    0161 295 2205

    University of Salford: Podiatry clinic