Register with the surgery

Catchment area

Before filling out a registration form, check you are in our catchment area.

Find out which GPs you can register with on the NHS website.

Registering with the surgery

To register with the surgery:

When you register, it’s helpful to have your NHS number. You can use the NHS website to find your NHS number.

New patients living in the catchment area can register after completing the registration form, bringing any requested proof of residency and entitlement to NHS care and attending the registration clinic with the health care assistant. You will be provided with a new patient information booklet upon registering.

Out of Area Registrations

We may consider your request to register even if you live outside our Practice boundaries. This is because it may be more convenient for you to register with a Practice near to your place of work for example. We will do this on the basis that you will be unable to receive home visits from our Practice, and these will be provided where necessary, by a surgery close to your home.

It is important to remember that if you are likely to require more than 2 home visits per year, or you have complex health needs that require intensive support, that your out of area registration will be refused.

You can find out more information on out of area registrations.

Temporary registration

You can register as a temporary resident if you plan to live near the surgery for up to three months. You can register temporarily with a GP while away from home for work, study or holiday. You’ll still remain registered with your permanent GP.

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