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COPD and Asthma “Rescue Packs”

Inaccurate information circulating regarding special ‘rescue packs’ for patients with pre-existing respiratory conditions (Asthma

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak we had a number of patients with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease) and a very small number of patients with Asthma that were eligible for a ‘rescue pack’ of steroids with or without an antibiotic. These patients had been appropriately assessed and counselled by healthcare professionals and were advised when and when not to use these medicines.

We are aware of the stories circulating on social media that people with Asthma should contact their GP for a similar ‘rescue pack’. These are not necessary and will not be issued. Similarly, if you have not required an inhaler for more than a year, or are requesting an inhaler without a diagnosis of Asthma, you will need to speak to one of the doctors or nurses to see if this is suitable.

If you have well controlled Asthma and do not usually use a Steroid (Preventer) inhaler, then you do not need to start one now. 

The lung problems sometimes caused by Coronavirus will not be made better by either Reliever or Preventer inhalers. It could even be dangerous to use a Preventer inhaler when you don’t need one.  

For this reason please make sure that any developing breathing problems are properly assessed by a trained professional. 

If you think you have Coronavirus (new dry cough, fever) and it has started to affect your breathing, then you must use the 111 online guidance and be properly assessed.

If you think you are having a flare of your Asthma or COPD, please contact the Practice and ask to be put on the Telephone Triage list as normal so that we can help.

If you are struggling with your breathing and are very breathless at rest, you must call 999. 

We have been inundated with requests by well patients with mild COPD or Asthma for a rescue pack antibiotics and steroids due to this incorrect information. This is slowing our response to those who need us most. We would be grateful if you would help us by not circulating this incorrect information from your threads and informing others who have also shared it.

We would be very grateful if you would help us combat the circulation of dangerous erroneous information by directing others to this message where possible.

We are, as always, working hard to help you at this uncertain time. Thank you for your patience.

Chorlton Family Practice