Merger between The Alexandra Practice and Princess Road Surgery

Dear Patients, Parents, Guardians and /or Carers

We wanted to write to you to tell you some good news; we are planning to merge with Princess Road Surgery.

Practice staff from both practices have been meeting to discuss the potential merger and have decided that the joining of the two practices will offer many benefits.

The same doctors, healthcare professionals and staff will still be part of the team at the Alexandra Practice.  You will be able to consult with your chosen Doctor as usual if you wish too. The same standards of quality and personal care will continue but the merger will mean that you will have

  • An increased number of appointments available with a GP
  • Access to both the Alexandra Practice and Princess Road Surgery
  • An increased number of appointments with Nurse Practitioners and other Nursing staff
  • An increase in phlebotomy appointments (blood tests)

Staff are very enthusiastic about a new partnership and see it as an opportunity to build a secure future for both practices but would really like to hear the views of patients around the potential merger and any ideas to help shape plans for the future.

You can provide feedback by:

  • Visiting our website and filling out the survey:
  • Phoning the Practice after 14:00 and informing one of our admin team of your thoughts

We have also produced this Frequently Asked Questions guide which you may find useful.

Will I still be able to make an appointment to see my usual Doctor or Healthcare professional?

Yes. We value all the one-to-one relationships our patients have with our Doctors and healthcare professionals.  It is expected that merging Practices will further increase our ability to provide you with continuity of care and access to your usual doctor and/or healthcare professional.

Will I still be able to make appointments at my usual doctors’ surgery?

Yes. We will continue to provide daily telephone, video and face to face appointments with Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare professionals at both sites.

Will I still make an appointment for my practice in the same way

Currently we do not plan to change the way patients book appointments.  If this changes in the future, we will provide lots of information and guidance

Will my usual surgery opening times stay the same?

Yes. We are not currently planning any changes to our opening times.

Will any service that is currently offered by my usual surgery be removed or stopped?

No. We are not planning for any services to be removed or stopped. This merger will bring about a greater choice of services.

How will you make sure there is no reduction in the quality of services that are provided?

The quality of our services will continue to remain our number 1 priority and will continue to be monitored regularly in the same way as they are now. We will continue to benchmark all of our services against both national and local targets including the quality in Primary Care Standards.

Will the current arrangements that I have in place for getting my medicines stay the same?


Will the intended merger affect any treatment or medication I am currently receiving either at my usual surgery or any hospital?

No. Any current treatments, medications or investigations will not be affected by the merger.

Will I need to re-register to become a patient of the single GP Practice? What will happen to my health records?

No, you will not need to re-register. All our patients will automatically be merged into a single GP Practice and your health records will sit within a single patient database.  Your medical records will remain safe and confidential.

Kind regards,
The Alexandra Practice