Local Pharmacy Merger

We have been informed that Everest Pharmacy in Whalley Range (Withington Road) and Whitswood Pharmacy have joined together. They will be operating out of the Everest Pharmacy building on Withington Road.

Please note:

  • On the electronic prescription service (EPS) your nominated pharmacy name may say Whitswood Pharmacy or Everest Pharmacy – this is part of the transition and all prescriptions will go to Everest Pharmacy, Withington Road.
  • You may find that you now have one of these two pharmacies as your nominated pharmacy where you had not opted to have a nominated pharmacy but have used one of these pharmacies before. This appears to have happened as part of the merger and is not something we have done. Please let us know if you have been affected by this.
  • Everyone is free to link to any nominated pharmacy in England and to unlink and change their nomination at any time by informing us using this website link or by instructing a pharmacy.

We hope this hasn’t caused too much disruption for anyone.