Face Covering Exemptions

Exemption from wearing a face mask is determined personally and in good faith if you feel you meet one of the categories where you would be exempt from wearing a face mask.

It is a difficult ethical and moral balance because this impacts on others and society in general, but also we as society respect and understand that some people will not be able to adhere without undue distress to them individually.

If you choose to state an exemption, limiting your time with others in closed spaces would be considerate if you are not wearing a face mask, covering your mouth and coughing into your upper arm sleeves, and maintaining a 2 metre distance unless absolutely impossible to do this.

It is not necessary to have any proof of exemption, although there are cards you can download and carry on your person or on your phone to show if it supports you.

See the information on the government websites here:

Here are some additional resources that may be of use:

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has launched a Journey Assistance card for those exempt from wearing face coverings. The public can request a card by contacting TFGM’s customer team in the following ways:

We hope this helps. You may likely be finding it very stressful in the current restrictive situation and we hope you are finding ways to manage. There are also some resources you can find by visiting the Mental and Emotional Wellbeing section of our Wellbeing Centre