COVID-19 vaccination update: 19 March 2021

Everyone over 50 years of age

Everyone from priority groups 1 to 9 are now invited to request their first COVID-19 vaccination. This includes everyone age 50 years and above. The invitation may come as a text from the GP surgery (to book at the GP Vaccination Centre: the Jain Community Centre: Google Maps: Jain Centre) or as a letter from the NHS inviting you to book online using the national booking website at any of the national sites (The Etihad Centre and the two Whalley Range pharmacy sites).

You do not need an invitation letter to book using this website – everyone age 50 and over can book here using their NHS number.

Please note you cannot book at the GP Vaccination Centre (Jain Community Centre) through the national booking system – please use your SMS text invitation or contact the practice to book at this centre.

All adults with certain long term conditions

If you are an adult under 50 years who has a specific health condition that increases your risk of serious COVID-19 illness, you should also have been invited to book for the COVID-19 vaccine. This includes:

  • adults in Priority Group 4 on the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable register who have been advised to shield
  • adults in Priority Group 6 as defined by the JCVI
  • adults in receipt of a carer’s allowance, or who are the main carer of an elderly or disabled person whose welfare will be risk if they fall ill

If this applies to you, we strongly encourage you to book for your COVID-19 vaccine and you should have an SMS text invitation to attend the GP Vaccination Centre at the Jain Community Centre. You can also try the national booking website but if it does not recognise your eligibility because you are under 50 years then you can ring and book at one of the local pharmacy centres if you prefer:

Second doses of the vaccine

Different vaccine centres have different procedures and some people will have been given the date for their second vaccine when leaving after the first vaccine. At the GP Vaccination Centre (Jain Centre), invitations will be sent out by sms text (or a telephone call from the GP surgery if you do not receive the text). Please expect your second dose to be offered 10-12 weeks after the first dose. It is recommended to have the same brand of vaccine that you had for your first dose.

Second doses for care home residents and people who are housebound will be scheduled in the coming few weeks.

If you are unsure about having the vaccine

We recommend having the vaccine as soon as you are invited. If you are still seeking more information to help you make a decision, please talk to other people who have had the vaccine. It is understandable to be cautious and curious about something so new, but in giving our very strong recommendation to have the vaccine we consider the following:

  • We consider that the known benefits after millions of people have had the vaccine clearly outweigh the known risks
  • We consider that the currently unknown long term effects of having COVID-19 infection seem to be more likely and concerning than the potential long term effects of having the vaccine
  • The vaccines do not contain the COVID-19 virus and you cannot get COVID-19 from the vaccine.

Here are some videos about the vaccine: