Teaching Practice

This practice is committed to equipping future doctors with the skills and knowledge they will require to provide excellent levels of care for their patients. It also ensures that we have a deep culture of education with activities and meetings at the surgery to ensure that we too keep up-to-date and are always learning! Our trainees are supervised and supported and it is very helpful when people are willing to see the doctors in training.

Specialty Trainees (GPST2/GPST3 Doctors)

These are qualified doctors who have had some years of hospital experience and are choosing a career as a GP. They need to spend time in general practice in their final years as part of their training to become a GP. We regularly invite GPST3 doctors to join the practice and they join us for a year. GPST3 doctors have in the past been called GP Registrars. GPST2 doctors are in their penultimate year of training and are with us for six months before moving to a different practice for their GPST3 year.

Foundation Trainees (FY2 Doctors)

These are doctors who have been working for about a year since qualifying but who have not yet started training in a particular specialty. We regularly invite FY2 doctors to join us at the practice to experience working under supervision as a GP for periods of four months.

Medical Students

Occasionally medical students will be sitting in with us as they too may be asked to come to the practice.

Video recording

Training may involve video recording of consultations but only with your full consent. This is always confidential and only used for specific educational needs of that trainee. You are given the option to change your mind about giving consent at the end of the consultation.