Our Healthier Manchester

In the two years since the Manchester Locality Plan started and listening to patient and public feedback, we’ve been changing things to help it work:

  • We’ve changed how we plan, prioritise and buy health services
  • Our hospitals have merged into one new organisation that’s improving services
  • There’s now more care closer to people’s homes
  • Our mental health services have gained strength by joining together into a single organisation.

The changes to our structures are only part of what’s needed; the key to a healthier Manchester and to reducing health inequalities is people – like you. We must all change the way we think and act about our own health, the health of those we love and care for, the health of our wider neighbourhood, and of the communities that make up our city.

Please take the time to give us your Our Healthier Manchester website.

Kind regards and many thanks for your anticipated support with this initiative.