COVID-19 New National Restrictions – we remain open!

The government’s new National Restrictions for COVID-19 (the “second lockdown”) came into place on Thursday 5 November and will be enforced for four weeks to the end of Wednesday 2 December. This replaces the Manchester regional restrictions that were in place.

We are during this time advised to stay at home and not mix with other households except for specific purposes.

National Restrictions from 5 November – Full Details

See the link above for full information from the government and NHS, but the following are allowed.

  • You are allowed to come to the GP and hospital appointments for all medical needs (routine and urgent).
  • You are allowed to leave home to avoid or escape injury or harm (such as domestic abuse).
  • You are allowed to visit someone in a care home (if the care home has visiting arrangements).
  • You are allowed to exercise in local outdoor spaces (when you can also meet with up to one other person outside your household – under 5-year-olds and people requiring round-the-clock care do not count in the numbers.

We remain open during the period and this includes for routine blood testing. Please do not hesitate to contact us through the website (or by phone if you cannot access the website) for all medical need.

Guidance on Shielding and protecting people who are “Clinically Extremely Vulnerable”

Click above for advice if you have previously been informed that you should shield for clinical reasons. The shielding measures are different for this lockdown and do not stop you leaving the house but advise you to take extra precautions. You are strongly advised to work from home and if this is not possible please liaise with your employer. Please contact us if you need support regarding being off work.

Protecting people more at risk from coronavirus – further information

If you are over 60 or clinically vulnerable (but not on the “Clinically Extremely Vulnerable” list), you could still be at higher risk of severe illness from coronavirus and you are being advised to be particularly careful. See the link above and read the full government National Restriction guidelines carefully.

Please continue to contact us and attend for routine and emergency GP and hospital appointments as harm can come from not tending to medical needs.